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Bixby Jones would like to be your friend.

Bixby Jones is new to the world of romance, but not to publishing and writing in general. She has been telling stories since she could talk, and has self-published a total of six books under a different pen name.


Bixby’s creative odyssey dates back to 1992, when an episode of Knots Landing inspired her to write a story of her own. This continued for a few years, until her attention was diverted with a new project (Bixby gets distracted by new projects pretty often, which is why she makes a point to only work on one book at a time!)


In the thirty years that have followed, she’s written episodic fiction, in the style of a soap, mystery novels, sci-fi screenplays, countless songs, and even a parody rock opera. This, however, is her first attempt at writing romance, and it won’t be her last.


In her spare time, Bixby enjoys watching basketball, reading and spending time with her family. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and would love to live abroad one day, namely in Canada or New Zealand.


She’s so glad you came to her website, and hopes you will stick around, and maybe even reach out to her. She loves hearing from readers, and really would like to be your friend. You can send her a message via the contact page, or hit her up on social media using any of the icons to your left.


  1. Stephanie M. Stephanie M.

    Hello Twitter Friend. Dropping in to offer something other than spambots. I think I should create a writer’s site, but then I don’t. Gah. Anyway, this is a great idea.

    Hope you are well.

    • Hello! Thank you for coming by. It’s encouraging to see a real human being for a change!

      You should start a website. They’re fun, and I’m told a necessary evil. I have never been good at having a website myself, but I figure I should give it the good old college try!

      Thanks again for coming by! All the best to you!

  2. Glen Middleton Glen Middleton

    Where do go to see your other 6 scary books I just came across your tweet feed and you kinda made me write to you and see what the books are like are the Hallmark type are they lovy doby types likes romance novels

    • The links to the other books can be found under “Other Works.” And the romance books are sweet, Hallmark-style romances, with just a teensy bit of fire, and a happy ending.

  3. Hey, Bix! Figured I’d boogie on into here and check out your site! Great job! Gotta support muh peoples!❤️

    • Hi Tobias! Thanks for coming, and thanks as always for your support! <3

  4. @mfibrillations @mfibrillations

    i hope this helps, its not russian 😎😎😎🤗🤗

    • Just saw this. Thanks so much for coming by!

  5. Hi, Bixby!

    I’m Julie, a member of the Twitter writing community and I write romantic fantasy. We have some mutuals and I see your posts there so I thought I’d say hi. I’d love to be blogging buddies with you.

    • Hi, Julie! Thanks for coming by! I’m terrible about updating this website—the worst!—but would love to connect with you. What’s your Twitter handle? Please let me know, so I can follow you, if I’m not doing so already!

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