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Independence Day, Book One

Who killed Carol Mathison…and who will be next?

On the surface, Haven Park, Wyoming seemed perfect. Its 517 residents were close-knit, hard working, God-fearing people. The city had never known major scandal, and the last violent crime was committed over a decade ago. Normal, right and honorable were faithfully upheld, and everything appeared to be harmonious…until the night of July 4, 1966, when the bliss was shattered by a murder.

Carol Mathison, a lifelong resident and the only daughter of retired police chief Stanley Rogers, was found strangled in the park, shocking and grieving the community at large. The horrors were only beginning for Haven Park, however…and as more and more of its secrets emerged, more and more residents found themselves in the crosshairs of a killer.

In book one, meet the residents of Haven Park, as they grapple with the horror of Carol Mathison’s unfortunate demise, then watch the tangled webs they’ve woven unravel in book two. Book three places a spotlight on the broken citizens, asking if they are really as innocent as they claim, while book four reveals more of the town’s dirty little secrets. Finally, in book five, the mystery is solved with a big surprise, but for those left standing, it is only the beginning of the nightmare.

Can you figure it out?

The Independence Day book series, published under the name of Bex Aaron ran for a total of five books, published between 2011 and 2020. You can check out the entire series here or by clicking on the book covers above.

Content Warning:
Suicide/self harm
Eating disordered behavior
Drug abuse
Homophobic language and attitudes (books 4-5)